Your conscious green choice of a state of the art electromechanical elevator, which combines advanced technology, high aesthetic standards and low energy consumption.

This elevator drives to lower annual expenditure, adapted to the modern need for certified sustainable buildings according to «BREEAM International» specifications.

How was the V20 developed…

With the signing of the Kyoto Agreement in 1997 and the establishment of the European Energy Policy Framework, aimed at reducing emissions, a set of targets was developed: 20-20-20, with a 2020 timeframe. These targets became our inspiration for the creation and development of the V20 elevator!

At the vanguard of a market which still manufactures and installs energy-consuming hydraulic elevators, V20 achieves a 40% reduction in energy expenditure while active and 60% while in Sleep Mode.

Advantages of V20


Full application without special specifications
The V20 is designed to fit and be installed in all types of buildings, addressing even the most demanding usage.


More usable space available
The “V20” takes full advantage of the pit/cabin ratio, thus securing more usable space for the rest of the building.


Saving Energy and Cost Saving
By using gearless motors, we have achieved a 40% cost energy saving while active and 60% while in Sleep or Echo Mode.


Faster Passenger Transportation
The upgrading of a hydraulic elevator to an energy-conscious machine room-less V20 ensures faster passenger service by 60%, since speed is increased while dead time is reduced.


Regeneration Applications
Regeneration increases elevator efficiency by saving the energy which is usually lost in the form of heat. This energy is conserved and turned into another type, such as electrical. Moreover, there is a decrease in system emissions, thus contributing to equipment protection.


Noiseless and vibration-free motion
The new-generation Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors used in the “V20” offer comfort, noise and vibration minimization and a fully satisfactory sense of rolling motion.

Meets the Energy Requirements of BREEAM International

Smart Energy Pack

The V20 Smart Energy Pack aims to facilitate the modification of the old energy consuming hydraylic elevators into the new, environmentall friendly V20 system.

The V20 Smart Energy Pack converts the outdated hydraylic elevator systmes into upgraded energy class electromechanical V20 system, through smart utilization of the most parts of the old facility.

The new V20 system’s superior advantages are

  • economy, as we can achieve up to 60% energy saving compared to its hydraylic predecessor,
  • enhanced speed and rolling motion performane,
  • reinforced elevation and capacity of the elevator in order to carry much greater transport loads, especially for professional use,
  • drastic reduction of the cost of the spare parts needed, since the new system doesn not include any pump, hydraylic oil, valve block or piston. In replacement of them, there is only a new generation elevator with PMSM permanent pagnets.