Passenger Lifts

Each standardized elevator system has specific characteristics and benefits. We can install any type based on our clients’ individual needs, special circumstances and aesthetic preferences.
Please find below each type of elevator, with a brief description of its benefits.

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i Home Elevators “The elevator for any type of residence”
Elevator category where the mechanism is located inside the pit or in a specially designed metal cabinet, thus avoiding the use of machine room space.

Electromechanical Lifts with machine room “The most popular elevator type”
Can be installed in any building, of conventional or metal design, or even in special or confined spaces such as ships.

The machine room is placed at the top or bottom of the structure.

This elevator type addresses requirements for high-demand, high-capacity transport combined with low energy consumption.

Machine room-less electromechanical “The most modern elevator type”
Usually installed in buildings with high transport demands over greater distances, where speed is also a top priority.

The mechanism is located at the top inner part of the stairwell, while the operation control panel is incorporated into a lateral space, such as the door frame.

Some of the basic characteristics include high speed, low energy consumption due to the use of a high performance PMSM motor without a reducer and limited noise emissions due to the low rotation speed.

Indicative type plans:

(a) MRL V20 L  8 persons 600KG
(b) MRL V20 U 8 persons 600KG


v20 final (1)
Machine room-less electromechanical V20
“Instant upgrade“
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Hydraulic with machine room “The ideal option for…”
… small or medium-size residences, factories and industrial units with short distances between floors.

Quick and easy installation is the main advantage of this elevator type.

Hydraulic power is utilized in this elevator type. The oil tank pump feeds the hydraulic fluid in the cylinder piston, thereby moving the elevator.

These elevators can be also installed into buildings with high traffic, together with a temperature control system.

Indicative type plans:

(a) Hydraulic 8 persons automatic doors
(b) Hydraulic 8 persons hinged doors

Machine room-less hydraulic
Elevator category where the mechanism can be located inside the pit or in a specially designed metal cabinet, in order to avoid the use of machine room space.