International KnowHow

Cutting-edge technology from the top international manufacturers!
Through the exchange of data in terms of technological know-how and best practices, as well as our systematic collaboration with elevator companies and suppliers of raw materials and internationally renowned equipment brands, we secure for our clients state-of-the-art machinery of top-quality design and optimum safety.

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Valsamidis Elevators S.A. has developed and maintained long-term collaborations with the largest and most acclaimed international companies in our sector according to specialty, such as:

  • Elevator Equip Germany, a Thyssen AG affiliate – electrical pull elevators
  • Orona Spain – special machine room-less elevators
  • Hiro Lift GmbH Germany – transport and movement for the disabled
  • SKG GmbH Germany – vertical transport for simple or special applications
  • Vimec Italy – cargo and human load platforms for simple or special applications
  • Tecno Italy – escalators and moving walkways
  • Moris Italy – hydraulic elevators
  • Kleeman Hellas S.A. – hydraulic elevators
  • Lafert AEG – latest-technology permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)

Our Certificates

Each collaboration is founded on our non-negotiable safety standards and certified procedures!
Valsamidis Elevators S.A. was the first company in the sector to be awarded ISO 9001-2000-95/16, as well as total quality assurance certification (1998).

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ISO 9001-2000-95/16 guarantees the implementation of an approved quality system for the design, manufacture, assembly, installation, certification and final testing of our elevators.

Through continuous research, we aim to offer technological solutions which are more contemporary, safer and of higher quality. At the same time, we place particular emphasis on collaborations with certified European suppliers of raw materials, who provide us with top quality products.

The certificates awarded to, and applied by the company testify to our insistence on non-negotiable safety and quality of materials and services.

More specifically, our company applies the following:

  • ISO 9001/2015 certificate, which guarantees the application of an approved quality system for elevator design, installation, maintenance and repair.
  • Total Quality Assurance, Annex XIII, Unit H, Directive 95/16/ΕΚ certificate for the design, manufacture, assembly, installation, final inspection and testing of hydraulic and electromechanical elevators.
  • ISO 14001:2022 environmental management certificate, which confirms the company’s high level of environmental awareness and effort to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.
  • 13015:2001 + Α1:2008 certificate for maintenance and rescue operations for electric and hydraulic lifts.
  • 45001:2018 certificate for management System Compliance.