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Each new project is a welcome challenge to our team. Our aim is to achieve the optimum financial, technological and aesthetic result for our customers.

Daily, we prove our commitment to the non-negotiable ideals of Safety for Our Passengers, Technological Excellence, Superior Quality of Products and Services, and Superb Customer Service.

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At Valsamidis Elevators S.A., we meet all passenger or cargo transportation needs, for any weight or type of construction, addressing simple or more complex requirements.

Whatever the level of difficulty involved, our considerable experience and optimal organization allows us to carry out projects for any type of construction utilizing all kinds of building materials.

Our specialized crews install, maintain and modernize systems in houses and apartments, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, department stores and libraries, as well as industrial and commercial facilities.

The long and varied experience of our highly qualified staff has been acquired through training and central collaborations with companies of international acclaim such as Blohm Voss Wert, an affiliate of Thyssen A.G.

Our pioneering company, recognized internationally as one of the top business in the elevator sector, follows and applies the latest technological developments in the field, with the singular aim of… Providing you with safe solutions which are also financially and technologically sound, to meet your every need.

Our Philosophy

The vision of our people is to make Valsamidis Elevators S.A. the ultimate choice in the sector.

Our company aims to serve our clients’ individual needs by always offering state-of-the-art products, services and solutions.

We are committed to safety, maximum efficiency and elegance in our final product, regardless of the size of the project undertaken.

Valsamidis Elevators S.A. combines advanced technological safety with the status of a multinational corporation and the flexibility and immediacy of a Greek business.

All our collaborations are based on the triptych of transparency, consistence and responsibility. From the smallest installation to the largest, multi-layered and challenging project, our collaborations remain focused on the human factor, with safety and meeting the particular demands of each project as our top priorities.

Our Values





Clients that trusted us

Valsamidis Elevators S.A. Your most reliable partner!

Our company has developed and maintained solid long-term collaborations with various companies, always fully responding to their varied needs!